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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

About us

At Queen Mary University of London, we believe that a diversity of ideas helps us achieve the previously unthinkable.
With a 130-year history, the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science offers a vibrant, multi-disciplinary environment with research including Antennas, Cognitive Science, Digital Music, Game AI, Intelligent Sensing, Robotics and Theory. These outputs reflect the rapid advancements in technology, and in turn guide our teaching.
From setting up the first UK Internet node to predicting football results, our reputation for academic excellence and commitment to vital outreach initiatives put us at an intersection enriching the lives of our students, staff and the wider community. We recognise the challenges many groups in society face in accessing specific technical skills. In response to this, we established the Computer Science for Fun magazine and website, and design courses to attract under-represented groups through our role as an Institute for Coding partner.
With technology becoming increasingly integral to everything we do, the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science is defining an exciting and evolving frontier. Through applied teaching and research, the School will continue to develop and harness technology’s power for good, and achieve the previously unthinkable.