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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Getting Started with Coding

The Institute of Coding bootcamp at Queen Mary will introduce you to the fundamentals of computer programming.

The bootcamp is aimed at undergraduate students in Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary who have not had the opportunity to learn these skills.  The only requirement is a desire to challenge yourself and to learn to code (you don’t need a background in maths or statistics).  We positively encourage women to apply.



About the bootcamp

This is a three day intensive coding bootcamp on the fundamentals of computer programming, taught using Processing (a dialect of Java). The bootcamp builds your programming skills by introducing core constructs - variables, conditionals, loops, basic data structures and functions - as well as the computational thinking necessary to create, debug and adapt simple arcade games.

Do I get a certificate?

Bootcamp attendees who achieve 100% attendance and complete the bootcamp are awarded a digital badge which can be shared on social media and displayed on LinkedIn or other eportfolio platforms.

I found the bootcamp really challenging but in a very positive way. We covered loads and practised our skills which makes it much more likely for me to be able to apply these skills elsewhere. It was also fun which kept me engaged and makes me want to go away and practice more.
— Bootcamp attendee, Getting Started with Coding Bootcamp June 2019

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