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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

JP Student Innovation Centre

BUPT-QMUL JPIC LogoJP Student Innovation Centre (JPIC) was established in 2015 to showcase excellent work by our QMUL-BUPT JP students in Beijing. It also aims to promote continued work which leads to knowledge transfer products or research outputs. It had been serving as a hub to bring together QMUL, BUPT and worldwide companies such as China Mobile, IBM, Juniper. Inc, etc.


The centre is managed by the following EECS academics:

Centre Committee 2021/22 (in alphabetical order)

Dr Mona Jaber, Dr Ethan Lau, Dr Yuanwei Liu, Dr Michaela MacDonald, Dr Zhijin Qin

Each of the committee members contribute to our outstanding activities/workshops with our JP students in Beijing.

Recent Activities

If you wish to know more about the JP Student Innovation Centre, please email us at

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