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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

EBU5606 Product Development and Marketing

Poster exhibition showcases students' new product ideas for the application of AI technology 

Students presented posters to illustrate their original product ideas at the end of May in an online session. There was a total of 110 coursework submissions, which focused on the potential application of AI technology for new product development in agriculture, elder care, sports, among other areas. Students collaborated in small teams to research and develop an original idea for a new product or service. Successful teams leveraged market research to identify opportunities based on customer need, and their work covered end-to-end development from concept to testing. EBU5606 Product Development and Marketing Module Organiser, Dr Nickos Paltalidis, said "I was very impressed with the standard of the posters this year. The students understood the concepts and developed their ideas very well with strong team work and cooperation throughout, especially given the challenging circumstances faced".

JPIC would like to share our students' idea to all QMUL colleagues and help identify potential topics for future projects. For enquiries for more information, please contact Nickos directly.

A small selection of the top-10 posters are presented EBU5606_BestPosters_2020 [PDF 6,547KB] (EBU5606_BestPosters_2020 [PDF 6,547KB]).

Updated: 23rd July 2020

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