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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

EBU6305 Interactive Media Design and Production

Showreel of Students’ Work in 2020/2021

Students have designed and developed interactive media products using web technologies in this module. They have worked as a team where a series of planning activities have taken place, starting from initial brainstorm, wireframe design, to graphic and interaction design. Proper production management practice that are widely used in industries have been followed throughout the process, and students have gained valuable experience via this simulated corporate environment. Bearing the human aspects and user experience in mind, students have made an excellent attempt in the creation of artistic and informative media structures, using common tools in multimedia design and production. They have generated innovative design solutions to fulfil new needs and they have also had an opportunity to reflect up and assess their own progress.

There are 44 group submissions in total with interactive education as a common purpose, including a wide diversity of topics such as primary math, programming, Chinese language for beginners, cooking Chinese cuisine, geography of China, piano, WWII history, and fitness. This showreel, although not being an exhaustive collection of students’ work, demonstrates the skills and attributes of students in this programme in terms of creativity and academic competence. The Module Organiser Dr Xianhui Cherry Che states “it is absolutely gratifying to see that students are capable of applying theory into practice, and they have done really well this year.”

This module is a part of the curriculum for BSc(Eng) Telecommunications Engineering with Management (Multimedia) programme. More showcase of similar work can be anticipated in the forthcoming years.

For enquiries for more information, please contact Cherry directly.

Updated: 3rd September 2021

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