School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Prof. Hubert Knoblauch Distinguished Lecture

25 January 2019

Time: 12:00 - 1:00pm
Speaker: Prof. Hubert Knoblauch
Venue: Bancroft Road Lecture Theatre BR 4.02

Title: Applause. Collective forms of communicative action

Abstract: The paper will be presented with preliminary results from a research project on audiences of large religious and sports events. It focuses particularly on a phenomenon quite familiar to every one of us: applause of audiences. More specifically it is interested in the collective applause of very large audiences, in the ways how they are sequentially ordered and in the very question what makes them collective. The study is based on data video data collected in natural settings of large Christian religious events and professional football games. In a first part, I want to address the issue of the collectivity of applause forms in these settings. Secondly, I want to address how audience applause is temporally coordinated with other actions at the event. In addition to the very few prior research on this issue, I want to indicate how audience applause can be linked to non-linguistic turns, e.g. bodily performance, in the situation of its very performance. In the final part, I would like to turn to extra-situative coordination devices, such as coordinators, choreographies and the crucial role of knowledge.

This event is preceded and followed by tea and coffee - both in the Informatics Hub.
All welcome (especially students), no pre-booking required.