School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Prof Joerg Ott, School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University

6 November 2013

Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm
Venue: BR 3.02 Bancroft Road Teaching Rooms Peter Landin Building London E1 4NS

Probabilistic Local Content Sharing

Probabilistic Local Content Sharing

Online social networks and other networked applications allow sharing content and exchanging information.  The Internet and the backend infrastructure are essential to overcome distances on the net. Yet, using infrastructure services for rather local information exchange isn’t always desirable and sometimes not feasible.  Opportunistic networking between (mobile) devices in the vicinity can offer a alternative best-effort content sharing service.  Limiting the spread of information to a geographic area and in time supports spatial and temporal reuse of resources.  We present the design of Floating Content, explore its performance properties in different settings, and discuss the implications of its probabilistic nature on API and application design.

Biography:Jörg Ott is Professor for Networking Technology with a focus on Protocols, Services, and Software in the Department of Communications and Networking in the School of Electrical Engineering at Aalto University. From 1997 through early 2005, he was Assistant Professor in the Computer Networks group at the Universität Bremen and member of the Center for Computing Technologies (TZI). From 1992 through 1997 he worked as a research staff member with teaching responsibilities at TU Berlin. He received his Doctor in Engineering (Dr.-Ing.) in 1997 from Technische Universität Berlin.

His research interests are in network architectures, protocol design, and networked systems, from modeling to implementation. His current research focus areas include communication in challenged networks, particularly delay-tolerant/mobile opportunistic networking; adaptive real-time communication, information-centric networking, and network measurements.