School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Seminar: Dr Ross Duncan

25 September 2013

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm
Venue: CS 414 4th Floor, Computer Science Bldg Queen Mary, University of London Mile End London E1 4NS

Theory Seminar: The ZX-calculus and its fragments

Speaker: Ross Duncan (ULB Brussels)
Host: Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh

The ZX-calculus and its fragments

Ross Duncan (ULB Brussels)

The ZX-calculus is a formal graphical language for reasoning about quantum computing, based on the theory of monoidal categories.  It has a sound interpretation over Hilbert spaces, but is conjectured not to be complete. In this talk, I’ll introduce the calculus with some application from quantum computing, before considering some completeness results for weaker fragments of the whole calculus.