School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Special lecture: O.R. Today: Strengths and Opportunities. Ruth Kaufman, OBE

13 June 2018

Time: 2:00 - 3:00pm
Venue: David Sizer Lecture Theatre. Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus, Queen Mary University of London

When Operational Research (O.R.) first appeared, as a response to the urgent needs of the war effort, there was no thought of it evolving into a discipline in its own right, or one that would flourish within universities. On the contrary, O.R. consisted of bringing scientists together from across the range of other disciplines, and taking them out of the university into the field. The original operating model as a multi-disciplinary practical and influential activity can still be seen in industrial and public sector O.R. groups to-day, and has a significant influence on the ambitions and approaches of specialist academic groups - an influence that was reflected in the 2014 REF, when most university O.R. groups had no shortage of Impact cases to offer.

In this talk, Ruth will review some aspects of the current position of O.R. in the UK, and discuss how O.R. professionals and colleagues in neighbouring disciplines can best capitalise on its strengths and opportunities.

All welcome.

Speaker: Ruth Kaufman, Former President of the OR Society
Institute of Applied Data Sciences
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Queen Mary University of London

Please RSVP to: Colin Rainey