School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

You Must Remember This: Episodic and Semantic Memory for Music

19 September 2012

Time: 12:00pm - 12:00am
Venue: Engineering Building Engineering Building Queen Mary, University of London Mile End London E1 4NS

Speaker: Andrea Halpern (Leverhulme Visiting Professor, Bucknell University) Eng 2.09

“Memory for music presents a paradox: On the one hand, people remember lots of familiar music over their whole lives, reflective of a highly organized memory store. On the other hand, people’s ability to learn new melodies is, frankly, terrible, and is only sometimes better among musicians. In this talk, I will present some studies that explore the organization of memory for familiar music (semantic memory). I will also present studies that attempt to get people to remember new tunes (episodic memory) and some factors that matter, or not, in their memory performance.”