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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

EECS Professor awarded funding for new multi-disciplinary research project: CHAI Cyber Hygiene in AI enabled domestic life

Pasquale Malacaria, Professor of Computer Science at Queen Mary School of EECS, has been awarded funding by the EPSRC for a multi-disciplinary research project: CHAI Cyber Hygiene in Artificial Intelligence Enabled Domestic Life. This project will identify and address the challenges that are created by AI-enabled domestic environments. 

An artificial intelligence face

Professor Malacaria, along with researchers from University College London, University of Greenwich, University of Bristol and University of Reading, will undertake work to identify and determine what security risks users may experience when faced with using AI in everyday domestic life. They will also aim to understand if there are correlations between psycho-social user characteristics and user susceptibility to different types of security risks.

In addition, the research team will co-design and evaluate, using empirical methods, whether existing AI approaches for interpretability and transparency can also help the user recognise AI security breaches.

From this work, the team will aim to develop personalised cyber hygiene training to combat the known security risks and develop an optimal allocation of cyber hygiene measures which meets the needs of different individuals and situations.

The project has the potential to greatly impact on how everyday users interact with AI-devices and help them to protect themselves from future cyber risks.



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