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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

EECS Theory Group at ETAPS

Five EECS papers at prestigious computer science conference


Five EECS papers at prestigious computer science conference

The EECS Theory Group will be represented at the 2013 European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software (ETAPS), with five papers! ETAPS, which takes place in Rome next week, is one of the most prestigious Computer Science conferences worldwide. The EECS papers are:

Jade Alglave, Daniel Kroening, Vincent Nimal, Michael Tautschnig. Software Verification for Weak Memory via Program Transformation

Dirk Beyer, Andreas Holzer, Michael Tautschnig, Helmut Veith. Information Reuse for Multi-goal Reachability Analyses

Radu Grigore, Dino Distefano, Rasmus Lerchedahl Petersen and Nikos Tzevelekos. Runtime Verification Based on Register Automata

Andrzej Murawski and Nikos Tzevelekos. Deconstructing General References via Game Semantics

Nikos Tzevelekos and Radu Grigore. History-Register Automata



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