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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

New AI initiative for school students from Code for Life and Ocado Technology.

Professor Paul Curzon addresses audience at the launch of AI:MMO.


Professor Paul Curzon from the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary, University was invited to address the audience at the recent launch of a new initiative AI:MMO from Ocado Technology. AI:MMO is a new educational platform designed to empower secondary school students in the UK and worldwide to study algorithm design and smart optimization strategies while playing a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. AI:MMO is part of Code for Life, a non-profit initiative that delivers free, open source games and teaching materials that help students learn computing.

Founder of award-winning cs4fn, an online and print magazine for school-age students covering computing and other technologies, Professor Curzon said, ‘This is a great initiative because Artificial Intelligence is here and it affects all our lives. If the UK is to keep our place as a world leader, we need more young people to be inspired to create the next generation of AI technology. Ocado are helping enormously with this fun and inspiring way to learn about Artificial Intelligence that also supports the computing curriculum.’

At the launch, an overview and demo of AI:MMO was led by Paul Clarke, Chief Technology Officer at Ocado Technology followed by a panel discussion with contributions from Erica Faltous, senior PR manager at Salesforce, Dev Amratia, Chief Executive at nPlan and author of the UK’s National AI Strategy, and Professor Curzon.



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