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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Professor Ruth Kempson


Visiting Professor

Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 414


Research Interests:

Research interests include the development  of models of conversational dialogue and their grounding in  Dynamic Syntax, a grammar formalism which incorporates the dynamics of online processing as the core structural mechanism of language that enables individuals to interactively build up structures in a time-linear way.

This perspective is unique among grammar formalisms, and  involves radical re-evaluation of foundational assumptions about linguistic knowledge and  processing.  Work with Healey, Purver and colleagues on the Dynamics of Conversational Dialogue project (DynDial)  involved development of parsing and production algorithms for natural language processing which enables us to model the way people seamlessly shift between speaking and listening.  Current research is exploring parallelisms between the dynamics of language and  music performance.

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