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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Matthew (Wai Chung) Tang

Matthew (Wai Chung)

Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +44 20 7882 6128
Room Number: Engineering, Eng E203
Office Hours: Wednesday 14:00-15:00


Digital Systems Design (Undergraduate)

This module provides a basic understanding of the principles of large digital system design using the knowledge of combinational and sequential logic design gained in the prerequisite module ECS412U Digital Circuit Design and the understanding of microprocessor systems gained in the prerequisite module ECS502U Microprocessor Systems Design. The module also uses VHDL to program Xilinx Complex Programmable Logic Devices with associated design tools for the laboratory work.

Digital Systems Design (BUPT joint programme)

The course aims to give participants a basic understanding of the design principles for large digital systems incorporating logic modules, arithmetic units, registers, memories etc. The course also uses VHDL to program Xilinx Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs) with associated design tools in the laboratory work.

Microprocessors for Embedded Computing (BUPT joint programme)

The course examines the structure, applications and programming of microprocessors and their support devices. There will be practical work on using a real hardware processor as part of the module. The course is available only to students on the H6NI BSc (Eng) Internet of Things Engineering programme. The course includes: - Microprocessor / Microcontroller Architecture - Instruction Cycle - Program Development Program Life Cycle - Program Structures - Data Structures - 8051 Microcontroller Overview - Hardware Summary (Memory Map and Register Function) - Instruction Set - Addressing Modes - Assembly Language - Testing and Debugging - Interrupts and Timers - Internal and External Memory: RAM, ROM, EPROM, EEPROM - 8051 ADO Pin Demultiplexing - Von Neumann / Harvard Architecture - Principles of Interfacing - Dedicated I/O Memory Mapped I/O - Address Decoding - Timing Diagrams - Handshaking - Busses - Tri-state logic - Parallel Interfacing - Serial Interfacing - Analogue / Digital Conversion - PWM - Comparators - Polling and Interrupts for Interface Management - 8051 Supporting Hardware - Oscillator and Reset Circuits - Reset Behaviour - LEDs, LCDs, Intelligent Displays - Switches, Keypads / Keyboards - Opto-isolators


Research Interests:

energy efficient computing architectures
reconfigurable computing
design automation algorithms for Field Programming Gate Arrays (FPGA)


  • TANG WC, Lam TK, WEI X et al. (2016). Boolean Circuit Rewiring: Bridging Logical and Physical Designs. nameOfConference

    QMRO: qmroHref
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