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5G HetNet in the Unlicensed Band: Coexistence between WiFi and Small Cell

Supervisor: Dr Faisal Tariq

Research group(s): Networks

WiFi/WLAN has been the most dominant technology in the unlicensed band. LTE-U is an emerging cellular wireless technology aimed at providing carrier grade wireless service in the unlicensed band. The standard is particularly targeting 5GHz band where there is more than 400 MHz of bandwidth is available. WiFi is already operating in this band. So, Cellular mobile technology needs to make sure that the impact on the WiFi transmission remain in the tolerable level. Since these two technologies work differently, co-existence of them are not straightforward and a number of challenges need to be addressed before deploying LTE in the unlicensed band. This work will focus on designing co-existence mechanism between WiFi and LTE system with particular focus on 5GHz band.
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