School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Augmented Reality and Game Play/Storytelling

Supervisor: Dr Laurissa Tokarchuk

Research group(s): Cognitive Science, Game AI

Augmented reality provides a unique platform for game play, training, marketing, etc. PhD projects in this area could explore a host of different aspects surrounding the use of AR. One example would be to investigate location based storytelling. This project will investigate the use of social and mobile sensing to design “smart” places where people are assisted in their daily life by various ambient technologies. It will validate and collate different sensor signals in order to reason and order abstract and semantically rich social context information and model runtime social interactions and manage their adaptation. This project will investigate how social context information is gathered and shared to enable pervasive, location aware yet location independent applications. The envisioned application will enable authors to create location based stories that are situated within an ontology of places, allowing for location based AR stories that while tied to specific types of places would be able to be told in more than one geographical location. It will involve mathematical analysis and computer programming using tools such as R, Java and Objective C. A student interested in this project would focus on one aspect of it such as the creation of an ontological framework for location based on the specific AR needs of the story or the framework and interface through which to author stories.