School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Development of Novel RF Fingerprinting Location-Detection System for indoor applications

Supervisor: Dr Yasir Alfadhl

Research group(s): Antennas and Electromagnetics

By considering the inverse of the traditional triangulation systems, a single RFID reader (or more) could be used in conjunction with location-referenced RFID tags to help locate an RFID tagged target based on comparing the different responses. This approach is also known as RF fingerprinting since it estimates the target’s location by matching its measured RF responses with the previously collected RF fingerprints of the reference tags (Typically RSS values). This project aims at applying improved LANDMARC and VIRE algorithms to resolve the RF fingerprint for locating targets within indoor environments. The project also focuses on a number of other aspects such as the development of suitable directional antennas to complement the optimised fingerprinting algorithms. These improvements aim to limit the searching space, attain higher gain per element, and minimise the multipath effects in such complex propagation environments.