School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Enhanced Security for Multimedia Big-Data Transmissions in CRMANET

Supervisor: Dr Yan (Cindy) Sun

Research group(s): Networks

Cognitive Radio (CR) enabled Mobile Ad hoc Networks (CRMANET) are a rich research area nowadays owing to their infrastructure-free characteristics, which means that they are more flexible than traditional wired networks and comprise powerful mobile devices with various sensing capabilities. However, the lack of a centralized authority together with device-to-device communication characteristics can make them more vulnerable to malicious attacks. Recently, the fast growing multimedia based big data communication in wireless networks has brought a lot of concerns for security. Many researchers have dedicated their work to find the solutions from the aspects of data encryption/decryption, channel coding/decoding, cipher key generation/protection, etc. however, such actions require a great deal of computational effort on each involved node in the ad hoc networks. This project aims to find a solution from MAC/Network Layers to provide secured route for data transmission, distributed data compression and security enhancement are also desired in the scheme. Meanwhile a system level efficiency need to be guaranteed and energy consumptions should be maintained as minimum level without harm the quality of service. The overall intention is to pro-actively protect against potential threats while multimedia data is transmitted and compressed in a distributed matter in CRMANET and make such networks more secure and resilient during the data transmission process. The work will be primarily verified and evaluated through simulations.