School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Mosaics and Demosaicking of Colour Filter Arrays

Supervisor: Dr Pengwei Hao

Research group(s): Multimedia and Vision

Almost every modern camera has a colour filter array (CFA) fabricated on top of the light sensors for creation of colour images. The CFA-filtered images acquire energy of only one colour light at each pixel and a technique known as “demosaicking” follows to reconstruct the images with all the three primary colours, red, green and blue, at each pixel. The final image quality depends on the mosaic of the CFA and the demosaicking method. Having worked on such a subject for a few years, we have achieved a methodology for optimal regular CFA design and a universal demosaicking method. Based on these, we wish to develop further theory and techniques for better imaging quality, to find optimal irregular CFAs with constraints of some practical requirements and to build the associated best-fit demosaicking algorithms which should be fast and memory-efficient and give the high image quality. With the new achievements on mosaics and demosaicking of colour filter arrays, research would be done to develop models of human vision system, specifically the low-level vision. This may lead to better understanding of human vision.