School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Passive, active and non-linear antennas and antenna arrays for modern mm-wave and THz systems

Supervisor: Dr Rostyslav Dubrovka

Research group(s): Antennas and Electromagnetics

This generalised title covers a wide range of both theoretical and practical topics, namely: active and non-linear quasi-optical integrated antennas and antenna arrays; high efficient beam-forming for large multi-reflector systems; higher-order arbitrary polarised Ince-Gaussian modes propagation; mutual coupling between highly collimated beams; secure close range drone-to-drone communications in THz domain; and integrated drone antenna systems. These projects would require in a various proportion a solid knowledge of electromagnetics/antenna theory; long-wave optics; RF and microwave circuits, including non-linear; as well as advanced math. For more information on topics, please, contact me