School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Resource Allocation Optimization for mmWave Fused Heterogeneous Networks

Supervisor: Professor Yue Chen

mmWave communication with the new spectrum harnessed at higher carrier frequencies constitutes one of the most salient enabling technologies envisioned for future fifth generation (5G) networks. 5G networks are expected to become the fusion of heterogeneous wireless technologies, mmWave networks will coexist with various networks, such as the Wi-Fi and legacy cellular networks, so as to achieve the full potential of 5G networks. These intricate network conditions pose substantial challenges to the radio resource allocation optimization therein. We are offering a PhD candidate the opportunity to tackle the radio resource allocation problem and specifically target the mmWave fused heterogeneous networks scenario, in order to satisfy the increasing demand for wireless broadband access and a wider range of requirements for 5G and beyond, including higher capacity, higher date rate, reduced latency, improved energy efficiency and massive device connectivity.