School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Understanding Mobile Social Apps

Supervisor: Dr Gareth Tyson

Research group(s): Networks

Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly prominent part of our daily lives (e.g. Uber, City Mapper). Social apps are those that entail some forms of social interaction with those around you. These include messenger services (WhatsApp, Snapchat), social networks (Facebook), micro-blogging (Twitter) and games (Pokemon Go). A recent brand of these even include the capacity to discover and interact with people nearby (e.g. Tinder). This PhD project will involve exploring the use of these social apps, to gain an understanding of how people interact with them (and each other). This will, of course, require the collection and analysis of mobile user data. It may also require the development of mobile apps that can be deployed. The goal of this project is to shed light on the (current) poorly understood nature of these mobile social apps.