School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

User-centered Security and Privacy for IoT use in eHealth Wearables and Wireless Sensor Networks

Supervisor: Dr Stefan Poslad

There is an increasing rich use of different types of IoT for eHealth, to monitor humans during daily-life that are self-driven and self-managed so that human subjects can be better informed to live and exercise healthier. This introduces new challenges for information security and privacy as such eHealth IoTs seriously invade users’ personal, social and public living spaces. Whilst, some of the security and privacy challenges for IoT eHealth monitoring have been identified, together with potential solutions, these have important limitations. One of the main limitations is that these lack a user-centered approach to secure how humans think and act, interact with other and interact with changing physical environments. This project will research and develop user-centered security and privacy methods and mechanisms for IoT in eHealth. These will enhance the behaviour of IoT eHealth systems to be better attuned to serve humans and to anticipate and respond to new and emerging security threats in constantly changing and complex physical and human environments.