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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Meet our PhD students

What it is like to do your PhD research at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science? Read our PhD student stories to find out.

'Working on real world problems along with computer scientists, medics and volunteer patients has made me feel confident that science can actually make life easier for people.'

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'Many of my favourite moments in Queen Mary are the thrilling moments when we make new research progress. Making research progress is never an easy task; but once we make it, it is a feeling to cherish.'

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'Artificial Intelligence is going to be the world-changing power in the near future. At Queen Mary, I am carrying out research with one of the leading researchers of AI in Computer Vision.'

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Wenqiang Yi

'I have made several promising and insightful contributions in terms of mmWave and related areas. Up to this point, I have published two journal papers (in the IEEE Transactions on Communications) and three conference papers.'

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Taqi Abrar

'My research helps me improve my skills and abilities and gives me an opportunity to meet people from different fields, helping me to expand my professional network.'

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