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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Wenqiang Yi

Wenqiang YiWenqiang Yi is studying a PhD in Computer Science at Queen Mary and is a member of the Communication Systems Research Group.

What is your PhD topic?
Currently, my main research area is appraising the system-level performance of practical networks with millimeter wave (mmWave) communications to propose new relative protocols.

Why did you choose Queen Mary to study for your PhD?

I decide to pursue the PhD degree with Communication Systems Research (CSR) at Queen Mary, because I am very interested in the research directions provided by the CSR group, which focuses on the new techniques of modern wireless networks.

What are the findings from your research?

The most challenging task at this stage is finding a novel and promising research topic. Fortunately, the CSR group frequently invites world-wide famous professors to provide interesting seminars, where we can learn both the hot research topics and state-of-the-art technologies. In addition to the inspiring seminars, my supervisors and colleagues in the CSR group also give me a lot of constructive suggestions. Now, I have made several promising and insightful contributions in terms of mmWave and related areas. Up to this point, I have published two journal papers (in the IEEE Transactions on Communications) and three conference papers. One more conference paper has been accepted and it is to appear in IEEE GLOBECOM’2018. I will continue to deepen my research topics in the following years and hope our results might be used in the future mmWave networks, to establish a fast and reliable wireless communication system.

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