School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Why study in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science?

Our enthusiasm for our research keeps our teaching exciting and up to date. We also have excellent links with industry, working together on commercial and research projects.

Highlights of our degree programmes include:

  • Campus university, just 15 minutes from the centre of town
  • A diverse student body: around a quarter of our students are female and 47 countries are represented
  • Specialist EE and CS degrees
  • Teaching by internationally-recognised research staff
  • Access to our award-winning Informatics Teaching Laboratory

Lecturers or research scientists?

As well as teaching you, lecturers do research. They are making a difference to the world around us by coming up with new ways to use computers. In the School we have people looking at how to allow robots to express human emotion and using beat tracking to sychronise computers with live music performance. Being taught by someone who is changing the world with his or her ideas ensures that you are totally up to date in the subject. See more about our research

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