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MSc PT Software Engineering

G4S5 MSC 2 Years  (Part time option: Yes)


This MSc programme focuses on advanced theoretical and practical techniques in program design, and the management of software project risk. It includes training in vital areas such as security, specification, risk management, usability, and design integrity.

You will learn advanced techniques in program design (including software patterns and component technologies) and information handling (structured information, databases). You can study key issues of interactive system design, leading to the ability to identify issues and trade-offs in the design of human-computer interaction, and to invent and evaluate alternative solutions to design problems. You will gain knowledge in the mathematical foundations of software and the practical application of these techniques. You will develop skills to manage software project risks and learn about the development of tools to support decision-making.

We have a new MSc Software Engineering and Security pathway to the MSc Software Engineering degree.  If you are interested in this pathway you need to apply for the MSc Software Engineering programme and take the pre-requisite modules and then you would be able to graduate with the MSc Software Engineering and Security.

Security, authentication and identity management have grown substantially in importance in recent years, and there is significant demand in both the commercial and national/local government sectors for software engineers with a good grasp of these areas hence introducing a pathway in Security.

NB:  Students will need to take and pass the following modules in order to be eligible for the pathway title MSc in Software Engineering with Security.

ECS726P - Security and Authentication (semester 2)

ECS760 - Distributed Systems and Security  semester 2)

ECS715P - Program Specifications  (semester 1)

ECS737P - Software Analysis and Verification  (semester 2)

ECS773P - Bayesian Decision and Risk Analysis (semester 2)

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