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Postgraduate programmes

With IE
Postgraduate degree programmes Part-time
(2 year course)
(1 year course)
With industrial experience
Network Science G1S7 G1S6
Financial Computing G1SB G1SA G1SC
Computer Science by Research G4Q2 G4Q1
Media and Arts Technology by Research G4Q3
Software Engineering G4S5 G4S4 H6L7
Computer Science G4U2 G4U1 H6L2
Computing and Information Systems G5U6 G5U5 H6L4
Electronic and Electrical Engineering H609 H606 H607
Computer Vision H6J0 H6J5 H6L3
Big Data Science H6J6 H6J7 H6L1
Telecommunication and Wireless Systems H6JD H6JA H6M3
Telecommunication and Wireless Systems Management H6JC H6JB H6M5
Electronic Engineering by Research H6T6 H6T5
Sound and Music Computing H6T4 H6T8 H6M1
Internet of Things (Engineering) I1E2 I1E0 I1E1
Internet of Things (Intelligent Sensing) I1S2 I1S0 I1S1
Internet of Things (Data) I1T2 I1T0 I1T1
Please note programmes are subject to change
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