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Dr Gianni Antichi



Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 333


Research Interests:

My research interests cover a broad spectrum of topics in both networks and systems. Specifically, they span network monitoring, networking systems performance characterization and Software Defined Networking. Lately, I have been also focusing on understanding how better dataplane programmability can impact the design of networks as well as their services. More information can be found on my homepage.

Recent Selected Publications:

  • Neugebauer R., Antichi G., Zazo J.F., Audzevich Y., López-Buedo S., Moore A.W. Understanding PCIe performance for end host networking ACM SIGCOMM, Budapest, Hungary, 2018 (Acceptance ratio: 18%)
  • Handley M., Raiciu C., Agache A., Voinescu A., Moore A.W., Antichi G., Wójcik M. Re-architecting datacenter networks and stacks for low latency and high performance ACM SIGCOMM, Los Angeles, California, US, 2017 (Acceptance ratio: 14%) BEST PAPER AWARD
  • Antichi G., Castro I., Chiesa M., Fernandes E., Lapeyrade R., Kopp D., Han J., Bruyere M., Dietzel C., Gusat M., Moore A.W., Owezarski P., Uhlig S., Canini M. ENDEAVOUR: A Scalable SDN Architecture for Real-World IXPs IEEE Journal on Selected Area of Communication, Special issue on Emerging Technologies in Software-driven Communication, 2017 (Impact factor: 8.085)
  • Matous?ek J., Antichi G., Lucansky? A., Moore A.W., Korenek J. ClassBench-ng: Recasting ClassBench After a Decade of Network Evolution ACM/IEEE ANCS, Beijing, CN, 2017 (Acceptance ratio: 27%)
  • Antichi G., Shahbaz M., Geng Y., Zilberman N., Covington A., Bruyere M., Feamster N., McKeown N., Felderman B., Blott M., Moore A.W., Owezarski P. OSNT: Open Source Network Tester IEEE Network, Special issue on Open Source for Networking: Tools and Applications, 2014 (Impact factor: 7.230)
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