School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Ms Rachel Appleton, BA MSc MIET


Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +44 20 7882 5817
Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 306
Office Hours: Monday 14:30-16:30


Business Technology Strategy (Postgraduate)

The Business Technology Strategy module is focused on strategic management of research and development and how technology strategy drives the commercial strategy of innovative technology-based organisations. The increased exposure to and understanding of the benefits of strategic knowledge and thinking will give the graduates a better preparation for management roles within this sector.

Business Technology Strategy (Undergraduate)

This module focuses on strategic management within the technology industries, specifically in the Electronic Engineering sectors, which includes telecommunications. The module aims to apply the theoretical knowledge to real-world examples, using case studies from the international business environment.

End-Point Assessment (Undergraduate)

The end-point assessment (EPA) gives the apprentice the opportunity to demonstrate that they have attained the skills, knowledge and behaviours set out on the standard. There are two parts to the end-point assessment: (a) A Project Report (a written account of a set of practical tasks undertaken within a work based project context), which the independent assessor assesses and grades. (b) A Professional Discussion (a structured discussion with the independent assessor allowing the apprentice to respond to questions using a portfolio), which the independent assessor assesses and grades. The assessment methods are designed to assess the full set of knowledge, skills and behaviours as specified in the standard. Annex A shows which knowledge, skill or behaviour outcome is being assessed by which assessment method. A failure to pass either one of the methods means that the apprentice has failed overall and neither the apprenticeship nor the master¿s degree will be awarded. This is just until the failed assessment has been passed.

Professional and Research Practice (Work based)

This module is only open to degree apprentices in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. It covers the following topics: discipline topic tasters; finding, retrieving and evaluating information; ethics, science & technology; scientific and technical writing; skills for workplace context.