School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Miss Naomi Arnold


Room Number: Engineering, Eng 109


Applied Statistics (Postgraduate)

The module introduces core statistical concepts for practical data analysis. It will provide students with the skills to model data sources, analyze their statistical properties, visualize them in different ways and fit the samples to a known probabilistic model.

Business Modelling (Undergraduate)

The module introduces students to the development of quantitative models and associated processes for problem solving and decision making. The module provides a grounding in mathematical concepts and practical experience in developing quantitative models and solutions methods based around statistics. A case study approach is taken to the application of quantitative analysis and modelling of a range of engineering activities.

Probability and Matrices (Undergraduate)

This module covers: Probability theory Counting permutations and combinations Conditional probabilities Bayesian probability Random variables and probability models Vector and matrix algebra Linear equations Vector spaces Linear combinations, linear independence


Research Interests:

Complex networks, temporal graphs, network evolution models