School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Mr Joshua Brown


Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 419


Aspects of Robotics (Robotics I) (Undergraduate)

The module introduces the basics of Robotics Engineering and its application in various domains and fields. It will explore the evolution of robotics from conventional engineering perspective and also investigate the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in producing future robots. The module will include both theoretical and practical aspects with emphasis on experimental exploration of the mechanical and cognitive concepts related to Robotics. A brief introduction to ethical and regulatory issues will be covered within the module to highlight the importance of societal impacts now and in the future.

Skills for Robotics Engineering (Undergraduate)

This module is designed to support first year students on the MEng Robotics Engineering programme through the transition from school to university. It will provide students with the opportunity to work with others to develop and share basic practical skills that underpin many first year modules and beyond, foster a sense of enquiry and intellectual curiosity, develop basic graduate attributes that underpin effective student learning, and prepare and encourage students to obtain some work / voluntary experience at an early stage in order to enhance their employability.