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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Professor Xiaodong Chen, BSc PhD SMIEEE



Telephone: +44 20 7882 7983
Office Hours: Friday 14:00-16:00


Mobile and WLAN Technologies (Undergraduate)

This module provides a rigorous and in depth study of commercially deployed mobile cellular and wireless local/personal area communications technologies.

Mobile and WLAN Technologies (Postgraduate)

Topics covered include indepth study of current mobile communication tecnologies: Network architecture - GSM/WCDMA; Pico and Femto cells. WCDMA including its use as a muti access technique; spread-spwctrum and code speading, high-speed datalink pscet acess HSDPA


Research Interests:

Antennas: UWB antennas and arrays, multiband CP antennas, RFID antennas and MIMO antennas

Devices: THz magnetrons and gyrotrons and quasi-optic systems

Communications: UWB communications, UWB powerline communications and MIMO systems

Imaging: UWB imaging system and THz imaging system

Bio-electromagnetics:  RF interacton with human body, Implanted antennas and UWB pulse electroporation of cells


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