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Dr Robert Donnan, CPhys FInstP FIET


Reader in Terahertz Engineering

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Room Number: Engineering, Eng 362
Office Hours: Wednesday 15:30-16:30


Communication Theory (Postgraduate)

Information theory, modulation schemes, source coding (including space-tome coding), and error correcting coding

Communication Theory (Undergraduate)

This module introduces the basic principles of modern communication systems. The primary objective is to provide fundamental tools and methodologies used in modelling, analyzing and simulating analog and digital communication systems. The following will be covered: Signal representation and spectral analysis, probability theory and random processes, detection and estimation of analog and digital systems in the presence of noise. Simulations are performed using Matlab.

Electronic Engineering Mathematics 2 (Undergraduate)

Module will cover topics in engineering mathematics relevant to Electronics and Electrical Engineering programs: Vector Calculus (field theory, surface and volume integration, field operators), linear algebra (matrices and matrix operations, applications to systems of equations, reduced Row Echelon Form, determinants, Cramer's rule, eigenvalues and eigenvectors), differential equations (solving first and second order DEs).

Microwave and Millimetrewave Communications Systems (Postgraduate/Undergraduate)

The module covers: Introduction to microwave systems, bands and applications. Two conductor transmission media; coaxial, stripline and microstrip. Use of transmission line transformers in matching. The Smith chart; derivation, representation of admittance and impedance, normalisation. Stub matching. One-port devices; Schottky barrier diodes, PIN devices. Gunn and IMPATT devices; simple negative resistance oscillator design. Two-port devices; use of S-parameter analysis, passive two-port devices, the network analyser. The MESFET. Simple microwave amplifier design.

Quantum Programming (Postgraduate)

This module is designed for interested novices at postgraduate level to explore the coming revolution in computing and programming that will move to so-called 'quantum' systems that will massively transform the speed and quantity of computation that can be performed. Its impact on the Internet and mobile services is expected to be a sea-change. The student will be briefly introduced at a conversational level to physical principles that enable quantum computing before moving on for the bulk of the time in hands-on programming special to quantum systems.


Research Interests:

Research Interests:

Development of Terahertz Metrology for Life-Sciences

  • Time-domain spectrometric (TDS) determination of derived physical constants for standardising disparate TDS measurement configurations after the same fashion EIRP plays in antenna metrology.
  • THz-TDS study of amyloid oligomers and the partially folded intermediates that precede their formation
  • THz-TDS & VNA-Quasi Optical circuit control applied to crystal engineering in EPSRC's Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge.

Metrology of Antenna and Quasioptical Feed Systems

  • Design and experimental verification of multi-mirror compact antenna ranges.
  • Design and experimental study of quasioptical filters (FSSs) constructed from sub-millimetre wavelength periodic structures.
  • Spatial Spectrum Analysis for measurement of beam aberration by FSSs and experimental support of Group-developed electromagnetic-modelling codes
  • Development of software based on beam-optics for integrated design and analysis of quasioptical networks

Metrology of Dielectric Materials

  • Quasioptical network-based measurement of magneto-optical constants of hexa-ferrites at GHz - THz energies
  • Dispersive Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of dielectric materials for antenna applications


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