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Miss Delia Fano Yela


Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 319


Electronic Devices and Applications (Undergraduate)

This module describes the physical basis behind common semiconductor devices including the pn junction diode, bipolar junction transistor, MOSFET and related devices (NMOS, PMOS, CMOS) and Operational Amplifiers. Basic circuits using these devices are discussed including rectifiers, amplifiers, inverters, integrators, differentiators, and summing circuits.

Introduction to Digital Audio (Undergraduate)

This module covers the entire field of digital audio, including some depth in the subfields and related subjects. It is concerned with the creation, representation, modification and evaluation of digital audio. It introduces the basics of sound, and the key concepts of acoustics that are required to understand how sound is created, represented, transmitted and perceived. The important characteristics of sound are described, such as the intensity, frequency, pitch and timbre. It gives students the knowledge to understand how sound may be accurately represented digitally. Different representations, such as wav, midi and mp3 are introduced. The students are also taught critical listening skills, including the ability to properly create, record and discern sounds, identify subtle problems, identify frequencies, and hear hidden distortions.

Skills for Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (Undergraduate)

This module is designed to support first year students in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science through the transition from school to university. It will provide students with the opportunity to work with others to develop and share basic practical skills that underpin many EECS first year modules, foster a sense of enquiry and intellectual curiosity, develop basic graduate attributes that underpin effective student learning, and prepare and encourage students to obtain some work / voluntary experience at an early stage in order to enhance their employability.


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