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Dr George Fazekas


Lecturer in Digital Media

Telephone: +44 20 7882 8024
Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 414


Introduction to Digital Audio (Undergraduate)

This module covers the entire field of digital audio, including some depth in the subfields and related subjects. It is concerned with the creation, representation, modification and evaluation of digital audio. It introduces the basics of sound, and the key concepts of acoustics that are required to understand how sound is created, represented, transmitted and perceived. The important characteristics of sound are described, such as the intensity, frequency, pitch and timbre. It gives students the knowledge to understand how sound may be accurately represented digitally. Different representations, such as wav, midi and mp3 are introduced. The students are also taught critical listening skills, including the ability to properly create, record and discern sounds, identify subtle problems, identify frequencies, and hear hidden distortions.

Research Methods I (Postgraduate)

The module will teach the generic high-level research and transferable skills applicable to pure and applied research in computer science. It will also prepare students for employment or further academic study by enabling them to apply these in relevant, practical contexts.

The Semantic Web (Postgraduate/Undergraduate)

The idea of putting semantic information on the Web has been around for a long time: we now have the beginnings of a practical application. This has its foundations in what is called Description Logic, which strikes a good balance between tractability and usability. This has led to a Web language called OWL, which is at the centre of modern work on the Semantic Web: there are now useful implementations, and there are workable, if modest, applications of this technology.


Research Interests:

My main research interest is Semantic Audio, an interdisciplinary field in the confluence of Digital Signal Processing, Machine Learning, and various knowledge representation and knowledge sharing technologies such as Semantic Web Ontologies, Linked-data, knowledge-based reasoning and the Semantic Web. I'm interested in extracting, analysing and linking data about music and developing applications that use semantic metadata, bringing the power of semantic technologies to music technology.


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