School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Henry Giddens


Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Room Number: Engineering, Eng 351



  • Zhang H, Chu H, Giddens H et al. (2019). Experimental demonstration of Luneburg lens based on hyperuniform disordered media. nameOfConference
  • Giddens H, Yang L, Tian J et al. (2018). Mid-Infrared Reflect-Array Antenna with Beam Switching Enabled by Continuous Graphene Layer. nameOfConference
  • Yang L, Tian J, Giddens H et al. (2018). Magnetically tunable graphene-based reflector under linear polarized incidence at room temperature. nameOfConference
  • Giddens H, Zhang H, Yu C et al. (2018). Bulk ferroelectric materials for reconfigurable antenna applications. nameOfConference
  • Shi H, Giddens H, Hao Y (2017). Dual-Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna Using Field Transformation Medium. nameOfConference