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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Professor Yang Hao, PhD FIET FIEEE


Professor of Antennas and Electromagnetics

Telephone: +44 20 7882 5341
Office Hours: Wednesday 13:30-17:00


Microwave and Millimetrewave Electronics (Postgraduate/Undergraduate)

The module covers: RF SPECTRUM: Revision of basic RF spectrum. Radio transmission bands. Regulatory considerations. MODULATION & DEMODULATION: AM & FM modulation principles; basic modulation & demodulation circuits. Digital modulation principles; basic digital modulation & demodulation circuits. BEHAVIOUR OF ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS AT RF: Behaviour of R, L and C at RF; use of reactance plots and reactance charts. Transistor equivalent circuits for RF applications. COUPLING NETWORKS & FILTERS: The design of RF coupling networks; design of basic Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Band Stop filters. AMPLIFIERS: Revision of basic amplifier circuits. Multi-stage small-signal linear amplifiers. Class B & C amplifiers; switching amplifiers. R.F. & wideband amplifiers. Noise in amplifiers. Principles of feedback & feedforward. Frequency response. MIXERS & OSCILLATORS: Mixer and oscillator theory; basic mixer and oscillator circuits. L.C. tanks, quartz crystals and ceramic resonators. Phase Locked Loops & Frequency Synthesizers.


Research Interests:

  • antennas and radio propagation for body centric wireless communications
  • active antennas for millimeter/sub-millimeter applications
  • computational electromagnetics
  • graphene and nanomicrowave
  • microwave metamaterials and transformation electromagnetics
  • THz and photonic integrated antennas
  • functional material discovery and machine learning