School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Anne Hsu



Telephone: +44 20 7882 6976
Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 425


Information System Analysis (Undergraduate)

The course locates the design methods and the development of computer systems in the wider context of the use of information technology and its impact upon organisations. The topics covered are: What are Information Systems and requirements. Why is analysis needed. Systems theory and types of information systems; their relationship with organisational processes and structures. Stakeholders. Requirements analysis and project failures Elicitation of Requirements. Techniques for eliciting requirements; user participation. Impact on project success. Object-Oriented Analysis Techniques. UML notation, including use cases and class diagrams. Overview of the software development processes. Soft Systems Methodology. Introduction to SSM and the limitation of conventional systems analysis.

Information Systems (Postgraduate)

This module consolidates previous work on internet and distributed programming and extends this to issues in the design, implementation and deployment of real-world e-commerce/ m-commerce/ distributed systems built on Java/.net technology and to develop novel distributed applications built on middleware technologies.


Research Interests:

 My work combines computer science and psychology. My research includes human computer interaction, behavioural economics, cognitive psychology, and spans topics of reasoning, wellbeing, health, behavioural change and gamification.

You can see my publication list here.