School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Miss Tayyaba Irum


Room Number: Engineering, Eng 153


Communications and Networks (Undergraduate)

This compulsory module covers the basic concepts in communications and networks. It introduces the concept of a communications system and then focusses on specific elements. It covers circuit and switched versus packet switched networks, and the ISO/OSI 7 layer model. Also covered are certain critical network protocols, e.g. TCP/IP and CSMA/CD, key Internet concepts, converged networks, and mobile networks.

Project (Undergraduate)

A design, development or research project in the field of electronic engineering, to be taken by all final-year BEng students registered for a BEng programme of study in Electronic Engineering. Not open to Associate Students or students from other departments.

Project (Postgraduate)

The aim of the MSc project is to give students the opportunity to apply to a significant advanced project, the techniques and technologies, that they have learned in their lecture modules. Projects will either be significantly development based, or else have a research focus. All projects will be expected either to investigate or to make use of techniques that are at the leading edge of the field. Candidates will be asked to submit a project report on completion of the allotted project period (3 months full time). This report will be evaluated using the standard criteria for scholarly work. Projects will also include a viva where students will be required to demonstrate and defend their work.

Project (Undergraduate)

Written and verbal reports on the design and implementation of a software (or software and hardware) system. The aim of the project is to produce a quality product with limited resources. The project tests both technical ability and organisation, communication and evaluation skills. The value of this module is worth more than its nominal 30 credit weighting. The project is seen as an excellent indicator of a student's overall ability to carry out a serious piece of work, and consequently employers are likely to be impressed by competence shown. It will give you a topic of conversation at your job interview. Some professional organisations, such as IEE, only accept a degree as a valid precondition of membership if it includes a substantial individual project. As G400 Computer Science is accredited by BCS this module is compulsory for this degree title. Online information is available from Not open to Associate Students.