School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Miss Mehrnaz Javadipour


Teaching Associate

Room Number: Temporary Building, TB Ground


Electrical Machines and Systems (Undergraduate)

This module introduces the principles of electric power generation, transmission and distribution. It also explains the operation of electric machines and simple power electronic systems.

Integrated Circuit Design (Postgraduate)

The course introduces CAD, design methodology, architectures, circuit and fabrication techniques for integrated circuits. The main emphasis is on CMOS design. Content covers: ICD Overview & IC Fabrication, MOS Transistor Principles and CMOS Gates. Device Performance and Yield. Programmable Architecture, Layout Languages & Design Rules. Hardware Description Languages, specifically VHDL - although prior VHDL knowledge is beneficial. The VHDL content covers: - Sequential / Combinational Logic - State Machines and Clocking - Simulation, Synthesis, Place & Route, Back Annotation The module also examines Testing mechanisms. Finally, some State-of-the-Art developments are introduced.

Integrated Circuit Design (Undergraduate)

The mdule covers: C FABRICATION TECHNOLOGY: Lithography, diffusion, vapour deposition, ion implantation. Design rules. Yield. CMOS processes. DESIGN METHODOLOGY: Gate array, standard cell and full custom design. The design/simulate/test cycle. Programmable Logic Devices. CMOS DESIGN: CMOS gates and logic interconnection and layout. CMOS design problems and solutions. OTHER IC TECNOLOGIES: BiCMOS, GaAs, SiGe. CAD TECHNIQUES: Layout languages and custom design software. Logic simulators and Circuit simulators. Hardware design and description languages. Verilog. VLSI ARCHITECTURES TESTING: Design for test. Concepts of testability. STATE OF THE ART IN IC DESIGN

Power Electronics (Undergraduate)

This module introduces the principles of power electronic systems, including: power components and devices (diodes, thyristors, triacs, diacs, transistors and regulators); power conversion systems (rectifiers, inverters, DC-to-DC converters, AC-to-AC converters); safety (crowbar protection, heat dissipation, soft switching).

Power Electronics (Postgraduate)

This module is intended to strengthen the electrical power component of our UG programmes. This has been highlighted as an area of weakness in the past by our accrediting body, the IET. This module is intended to complement ECS618U Electrical Power Engineering. This module will be optional on Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and optional on Electronic Engineering and Electronic Engineering and Telecomms.


Research Interests:

Mehrnaz Javadipour is a PhD student in electronic engineering at Queen Mary University of London, where she is doing a research on improving the BMS in electric vehicle battery packs. 
Mehrnaz is skilled in embedded system programming, with job experience in medical engineering. 
Also, she is an inventor who has won 3 international gold medals.