School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Andrew McPherson


Reader in Digital Media

Telephone: +44 20 7882 5774
Room Number: Engineering, Eng E108
Office Hours: Monday 15:00-16:00, Wednesday 14:00-15:00


Interactive Digital Multimedia Techniques (Postgraduate)

This is a Master's level course in developing real-time interactive digital media systems. The course will focus on graphics and sound programming, with a secondary emphasis on basic electronic hardware design for sensors and human-computer interfaces. The course will employ widely-used development environments including Arduino, Processing Max/MSP and Jitter, Processing. Course material will be delivered through a combination of lectures, interactive lab sessions, and individual/group exercises (both in and out of class). Generally speaking, each class period will consist of a combination of lecture and interactive lab session.

Real-Time DSP (Postgraduate/Undergraduate)

This module will provide training in the use of the latest programmable DSP devices. The module is examined entirely through coursework. Students will use TI DSP chips to undertake various exercises and projects. The module will also cover: * Introdution to Real Time DSP Systems * Basic CPU Architecture * The TI C6xxx Architecture * Introduction to Code Composer Studio * Coding numerical issues


Research Interests:

I am an electrical engineer and a composer by training, and my research interests lie at the boundaries between music composition and performance, analog and digital hardware design, digital signal processing and human-computer interaction. I am particularly interested in creating new expressive tools for musicians, including electronically-augmented acoustic instruments, novel hardware/software interfaces for live performance, and intuitive mapping strategies between gesture and sound. I'm also interested in quantitative modelling of expressive performance, focusing especially on the link between expressive intent and physical gesture.
As a classically-trained musician, I believe that computing can have a place in even the most traditional arts venues, and I emphasise the importance of getting research products into the hands of musicians and artists, and indeed involving artists throughout the research process.


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