School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Usman Naeem



Room Number: People's Palace, PP5.01
Office Hours: Tuesday 11:30-12:30, Tuesday 12:30-13:30


Fundamentals of Web Technology (Undergraduate)

This is a module designed to offer you practical skills as well as understanding of underlying principles of programming the World Wide Web. There will be two hours of lectures per week, and weekly timetabled lab sessions for each student. Major topics you will study include Internet and Web server basics; client-side programming using XHTML; Cascading Style Sheets, and Javascript. You will develop practical skills in server-side programming using PHP and gain an understanding and hands on experience in the practical issues involved when setting up a website.

Software Engineering (Work based)

This module is only open to degree apprentices in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. It covers the following topics: engineering principles, management principles, theoretical foundations, tools and notation for development and testing of large-scale software systems; practical skills in using a range of relevant tools including a Java programming IDE, unit testing tool, configuration management tool, UML design tool, and project planning tool; exposure to industry-standard techniques and tools.