School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Mr Ammar Naich


Room Number: Engineering, Eng 153


Database Systems (Undergraduate)

This module is an introduction to databases and their language systems in theory and practice. The main topics covered by the module are: the principles and components of database management systems; the main modelling techniques used in the construction of database systems; implementation of databases using an object-relational database management system; the main relational database language; Object-Oriented database systems; future trends, in particular information retrieval, data warehouses and data mining.There are two timetabled lectures a week, and one-hour tutorial per week (though not every week). There will be timetabled laboratory sessions (two hours a week) for approximately five weeks.

Project (Undergraduate)

Written and verbal reports on the design and implementation of a software (or software and hardware) system. The aim of the project is to produce a quality product with limited resources. The project tests both technical ability and organisation, communication and evaluation skills. The value of this module is worth more than its nominal 30 credit weighting. The project is seen as an excellent indicator of a student's overall ability to carry out a serious piece of work, and consequently employers are likely to be impressed by competence shown. It will give you a topic of conversation at your job interview. Some professional organisations, such as IEE, only accept a degree as a valid precondition of membership if it includes a substantial individual project. As G400 Computer Science is accredited by BCS this module is compulsory for this degree title. Online information is available from Not open to Associate Students.