School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Mr Changjae Oh



Room Number: People's Palace, PP3.01


Image and Video Processing (BUPT joint programme)

This course provides fundamental knowledge about well-established techniques for digital image and video processing. It covers mathematical models used to analyse still images, technology and standards for image and video compression and the basic methods used to design and develop a wide range of imaging solutions. Such solutions relate to the fields of machine vision, imaging graphics, pattern recognition, medical imaging, image and video coding. Digital image representation, Sampling, Quantization, Sub-sampling, Pixel interpolation. Histograms: definition, properties, colour histograms, thresholding, segmentation, equalization. Using Matlab for the coursework. Detailed content: Algebraic transformations, Edge detection, Interest points, JPEG, JPEG2000, JPEG vs. JPEG2000. 2D wavelet decomposition, Tier, Layer, Region of interest, Introduction to colour image processing, Motion pictures, Video coding standards, Predictive coding, H.261, MPEG-1/2/4/AVC/HEVC.

Interactive Media Design and Production (BUPT joint programme)

The module provides principles and techniques of interactive media design and production using conventional media processing tools. It covers the following topics: elements of cognitive psychology, visual perception, human factors in multimedia design, design principles and design process, animation and interactivity, colour perception, use of the media, usability and heuristic evaluation, image formats, digital and web video, principles of video interaction. JavaScript, HTML5 and/or Adobe Flash or Edge Animate are also used to produce interactive multimedia content in the labs via mini-projects.