School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Mrs Francesca Palermo


Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 419


Computer Graphics (Undergraduate)

This module is concerned primarily with computer graphics systems and in particular 3D computer graphics. The module will include revision of fundamental raster algorithms such as polygon filling and quickly move onto the specification, modelling and rendering of 3D scenes. In particular the following topics may be covered: viewing in 2D, data structures for the representation of 3D polyhedra, viewing in 3D, visibility and hidden surface algorithms, illumination computations. Some attention will be paid to human perception of colour and interactive 3D such as virtual reality.

Electronic Sensing (Postgraduate/Undergraduate)

The new module focuses on electronic engineering aspects of sensing and instrumentation systems. It integrates the themes of signal theory, metrology, sensing & transduction, signal acquisition and conditioning for further processing, analysis, characterisation and design of sensing electronic systems, system-level considerations and sensor data analysis techniques. The knowledge and skills developed through this module are essential for any student engaging in the design of systems which extract signals from, or interact with the real world, and are highly relevant to electronic engineers designing, testing and using sensing systems and applications.

Software Engineering Project (Undergraduate)

Students in pre-assigned groups of approximately six will be presented with a significant software problem to solve. To meet the problem requirements and build a satisfactory system within the time constraints the students will have to apply the principles learnt in the Software Engineering module and will have to work effectively as a team. Each team must choose a project manager and assign appropriate roles to each member.