School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Stefan Poslad, BSc MSc PhD


Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +44 20 7882 3754
Room Number: Engineering, Eng E306
Office Hours: Wednesday 10:00-11:00, Wednesday 11:00-12:00


Introduction to IOT (Postgraduate/Undergraduate)

This module provides a comprehensive overview of the Internet of Things, also called machines, smart objects, smart devices and ubiquitous computers. These Things will support smarter interaction with physical environment things; smarter interaction with each other, virtual or cyber things and with humans. Form factors for smart devices will be based upon the form factors of Smart Tabs (Wearable centimeter sized devices, e.g., smart tags used to track good), Smart Pads (Hand-held decimeter-sized devices for personalised communication, e.g., tablets, smart phones), Smart Boards (Meter sized displays and surfaces for collaboration), and Smart Dust: MEMS (ICT devices can be miniaturised, cheaply manufactured, without visual output displays, ranging from mm to nm, that can be embedded into 2D & 3D surfaces or scattered into 3D spaces), Smart Skins (fabrics based upon light emitting, conductive, polymers, organic computer devices that can be formed into more flexible non-planar display surfaces and products such as clothes and curtains), Smart Clay (ensembles of smart dust and smart skins that can be formed into arbitrary three dimensional shapes as artefacts resembling many different kinds of physical object, including additive printing), and Smart Containers (use to house or transport goods or people. This module will define the core system architectures, including middleware to design single device and multi-device systems. It will also offer hands-on experience in labs to build smart device applications.

Mobile Services (Postgraduate)

This module covers the motivation behind and development of Mobile Services, enabling students to understand the characteristics, motivation and opportunities for developing mobile user services while appreciating the strengths and weaknesses of developing mobile services using different software architectures. The module also covers the e-commerce and management issues associated with rapid development and deployment of mobile services.


Research Interests:

  • Ubiquitous Computing or Pervasive Computing including smart-devices, smart-environments, personalisation, spatial-awareness, pervasive games etc
  • Smarter and richer interaction between services,m devices and people including Web services, Semantic Web and MultiAgent Systems.
  • Management of distributed systems including Internet of Things, Security, safety, trust and privacy for open distributed services


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