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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Ms Sophie Skach


Teaching Fellow

Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 409


Bridging Arts and Technology (Undergraduate)

This module investigates the relevance of creativity to computers and their applications. Students will develop ideas through a range of artistic practices to see how creativity informs technological development. Student writing will be developed through exploring narratives of technology, such as science fiction, using this as a springboard to understand the protocols and algorithms that underpin the technologies used in the digital world.

Interactive System Design (Postgraduate/Undergraduate)

The main areas of study are (i) interaction and design (ii) modelling of interaction (iii) the design process (iv) design principles and (v) usability evaluation. Various types of interfaces will be considered including those encountered on the web and mobile computing devices. A historical perspective is encouraged in order to provide a means of understanding current and projected developments in the discipline and profession of interactive computer system design. The module will include seminars and group laboratory classes in which analysis, design and evaluation methods will be used in practical contexts. Students will be expected to participate fully in the seminars by presenting and discussing their own designs and evaluations. Students will be required to construct prototype interfaces using techniques of their own choice (e.g. Java, Director).


Research Interests:

Electronic Textiles, Social Interaction, Fabric Sensors, Non-Verbal Behaviour


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