School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Dan Stowell



Telephone: +44 20 7882 3066
Room Number: Engineering, Eng 400


Deep Learning and Computer Vision (Postgraduate)

Fuelled by the advances in sensing, computing and Machine Learning, Computer Vision applications start finding their way in our everyday lives. Face detection/recognition in Facebook, augmented reality with Google glasses, gaming with Microsoft kinect, to name just a few. This module, covers emerging topics/applications in the field of Computer Vision, and the underlying Machine Learning methodologies.

Music and Speech Modelling (Postgraduate/Undergraduate)

This module introduces students to the mathematical and computational modeling of expressivity in music and in spoken language through a problem based learning approach. The module focuses on methods for representing and analysing performed music and spoken language, for developing music and speech technologies, and on applications of these technologies. Topics covered include aspects of prosody¿such as timing, loudness, intonation, and spectral features¿and structure. Applications include emotion, learning, and generation.


Research Interests:

I am a researcher interested in machine learning applied to sound. This spans the range from automatic recognition of sounds such as birdsong, to creative applications such as human-machine on-stage performance.

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